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Become an email marketing pro overnight

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Amy Shanks
Email Marketing, How to advice

If you’re ticking boxes, but not getting the results you want from your email marketing efforts – try our top pro tips.

1. Sharing is caring

Encourage followers to share your emails by adding ‘send to a friend’ or ‘share on social’  options.

This allows you to grow networks organically using the followers you already have.

Freshen up old lists to ensure your emails don’t end up in the trash - by removing out-of-date emails or un-engaged subscribers to help narrow the pool.

Give people the option to, ‘re-subscribe’ – this may leave you with less followers overall, but they will be more receptive to your campaigns in the long run.


2. Up your content game

Don’t just be content with your content - wow your subscribers with words.

An engaged audience is more likely to stay put for longer, and quality writing and imagery is one way to keep them scrolling.

In an age where time is money - keep it concise, accurate and to the point.

If writing isn’t something that comes naturally, then consider commissioning a web copywriter to do this for you.

3. Target your market

Not every subscriber will be interested in everything you have to share.

Try creating different subscriber lists so you can target your content to the right people.

Research the habits of your database to discover more about them - put together a quick survey to find out what they like and dislike and tweak your email marketing accordingly.

4. Promote, promote, promote

Everybody loves a competition – come up with a clever giveaway that requires entrants to sign up to your newsletter by entering their email address.

You can even try collaborating with a complimentary business to up the ante and allow for greater reach.

Run this online via your website and across all social platforms for maximum exposure and expand your audience in this space too.

Follow up with an email congratulating the winner as well as a teaser, sale offer or opportunity for everyone who entered.

5. Simplify signup

If getting people to sign up for business newsletters or campaigns is hard work – make it simple.

Too busy to take subscriptions at events or in-store? Try an App like Enlist – a free download for iPad’s which automatically syncs new in-person subscribers to Campaign Monitor (aka Xmail) lists and is fully customisable.

Once you have perfected the design, secure your sign up form by setting a passcode. To make changes yourself, you will need to enter this unique code.

Enlist works even when you’re offline and can’t access a wifi network to gather signups locally. As soon as you’re connected, they will immediately sync to your Campaign Monitor list.

Follow our simple steps to download and use the Enlist app.

Downloading Enlist App

On the iPad you wish to set up, open the App Store by clicking the icon:




Type ‘Enlist’ into the search bar to bring up the app (see below). Then click on the appropriate app.

Click ‘Get’.

Once the app has finished downloading, open the app. Then click ‘Sign in to get started’.

Linking to Campaign Monitor

Log in to Campaign Monitor using your existing account email/username and password as prompted then click ‘Log In’.

Click ‘Allow Access’ so the Enlist app can link to your Campaign Monitor lists, then choose the list you require.


The next screen allows you to edit the colours, text, and add a logo.

  • Changing elements on the page: When you click on “Join our list”, you will have the ability to add a logo, change the title, font, and the colour palette including the background colour.

Once you are happy with the changes, click Finish in the top right corner of the screen.


You will be prompted to enter a four digit passcode to prevent users editing the template.

Note - choose a passcode that's easy to remember or can be stored somewhere securely. There is no "reset password" option, so if it's forgotten you'll have to reinstall the app, which also means re-designing your subscribe form.

Guided Access

To lock the iPad and stop users from accessing anything other than the Sign Up form, open Settings on the iPad.

Click on the General header, then Accessibility.

Scroll down to find Guided Access and turn it on.

Set up passcode access for Guided Access, which prevents users leaving an active session.

Activating Guided Access

Open the Enlist App and triple-click the Home button, and when asked if you want to lock the iPad, click ‘Yes’. Now users will not be able to navigate away from the Enlist App, without the passcode.

Ending a Guided Access Session

To turn off guided access once you are finished, triple-click the Home button while in the Enlist App and enter the Guided Access passcode.


  • If you are offline, the Enlist App will store the data entered by users on the iPad. Only once you are back online will the information be pushed through to Campaign Monitor.
  • Once the subscriptions arrive in Campaign Monitor, an automated email will be sent to the user that includes a link to a downloadable PDF (on your website).


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