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The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

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Aimee Walls
How to advice

Blogging is a great way to bring traffic to your website (via social media sharing) and keep your brand top of mind with existing customers (via email marketing).

Once you have found a topic that you want to write about and written a draft, you next need to craft it into a post that will encourage website visitors to read it. The perfect blog post isn’t just about great content, it’s also about great formatting.

So, how do you create a blog post that both humans and search engines will love?

We have outlined everything you need to include to create the perfect blog post below.

The Anatomy of a perfect blog post

Use the information above to help format your blog posts that your audience will enjoy reading.

If you would like to discuss the layout of your blog posts or would like assistance with optimising your articles for SEO, contact the Xplore team today.

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