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How to increase your online profits in three easy steps!

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Michael Gardner
How to advice

Want to make money while you sleep? You can with a website because you’re always open for business. Customers from all around the world can visit your shop, browse and buy. Here are three easy steps to convert more online sales...

Congratulations... if you’ve read this far, you’ve just discovered clickbait, a technique that is becoming increasingly common to draw you to a site, page or offering. We know how much competition there is for your ‘click’, but in many cases, these hooks and sweet morsels don’t offer quite what they promise, which is also known as false advertising and best avoided.

There is a better way to create cut-through, to draw traffic to your site and increase your potential to make sales. Try these...

1. Write meaningful links

A meaningful link tells the user exactly what they’ll experience if they follow it. You can also tell your audience what you’d like them to do. Here are some examples:

A meaningful link is more likely to get qualified hits, because you’re setting the right expectations for the user. Clickbait will attract unqualified hits and generate negative buying response, which is a fancy term for annoying the hell out of your customers.

Also try to avoid using the now out-of-date ‘click here’ phrasing in your link. Many devices don’t have a mouse attached any more.

2. Promise and deliver

We’re all familiar with the service motto: under-promise and over-deliver. But your website is better to follow this idea: make a promise and deliver on it. Again, it’s a case of setting the right expectation for the user, not hoping they’ll forgive you for suckering them with clickbait.

Let’s consider your contact page for example, which is arguably a mandatory page for most if not all websites. You’re more likely to get customers contacting you if you make tangible, beneficial offerings. Examples...

  • Got a question? Phone us and talk to a human to get the answer.
  • Fill in the form and we’ll get you a quote within 24 hours.

3. Remove the barriers to buying

Clutter. In the infinity of cyberspace, we’ve all experienced the temptation to fill up our websites with as much information as possible, because we can!!! Mwwhahaha!!! Always consider the user. Organise your content into useful segments. Make information easy to find. Strip out any clutter that really doesn’t need to be there.

Drill downs. A drill down is the number of links a customer has to follow to find what they’re looking for, literally referring to layers that have to be breached to get to the treasure. Ideally, your customer should immediately find what they need without following any links. At worst, you want your customer to find what they need in three links or less.

Be approachable. Approachable websites promote customer engagement. There are lots of ways to make your site more customer friendly. Examples... try developing content with personality, use humour, make interaction easy, or use a conversational tone.

We hope you find these tips useful. Now go and increase your chances of success online!

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