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Content Management: You have the control

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Wendy Schollum
General Industry News

Updating and overhauling websites are no longer the domain of the traditional computer geek.  Website Content Management Systems (CMS) now enable many companies to incorporate “website maintenance” into the job description of their receptionists or other admin staff.

Gone are the days of the geeky, monitor-tanned web developer, shrouded in mystery.  Nowadays, anyone with basic word processing skills can build new pages, add images/text to a web page and even construct new online forms/surveys.  This is possible because of the invention of the Content Management System (CMS).

A CMS is a program created by a web development company (e.g. Xplore’s CMS sutie is called the Xtools) that allows website owners to make changes to their website without being required to know a coding language. 

The CMS provides an interface similar to word processing software (e.g. Microsoft WORD) and, as the website owner makes text/image changes, the CMS writes the necessary code for them (behind the scenes).  

This type of software allows company owners to have complete control over their online presence.  As new advertising, branding or marketing initiatives are launched, the website can immediately be updated by someone in the company who knows exactly how it should look.

Content Management Systems offer varying degrees of control, but generally offer companies the ability to add/delete web pages, edit content (images, text and links), change the imagery in online photo galleries, take online registrations (e.g. for the company newsletter) and create online forms/surveys.

When choosing a Content Management System for your company, it is important to ensure the following:

  • The CMS is web based.  This means you won’t need to install any additional software on your computers and the tools to update your website will be avaliable from any computer, any where in the world (with an internet connection).
  • Your CMS is constantly upgraded.  It is preferable to automatically receive upgrades for a small annual fee, rather than being charged thousands of dollars to upgrade your CMS if it becomes extremely out of date.
  • Your website can grow with your business.  It is important to ensure that you can add new functions to your website as your requirements change.  A good CMS should have a library of components you can choose to add at any time.
  • The CMS is owned by the company that builds your website.  Some web development companies cut costs and reduce their overheads by using third party software or open source software.  However, this can lead to a situation where if something goes wrong with the CMS, the company you purchased it off won’t know how to fix it (because they didn't build it).

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