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Stop spamming people and other useful email marketing tips

Stop spamming people… and other useful Email Marketing tips.

If digital marketing were high school, email marketing would be the “nerd herd” - the group of kids who aren't as hip or sexy as “social media” (the cool kids), but are the ones that get all the best prospects when they graduate.

Learn how to plan, compose and send email marketing communications that actually get read and help to achieve your business goals.  Whether you're a veteran or new email marketer, this fun, informative and interactive seminar will provide you with easy to apply hints and tips that will teach you how to avoid the common pitfalls of email marketing and learn what your recipients really want.

The helpful hints and tips shared at this seminar include how to:

  • Adhere to NZ's anti-spam laws
  • Bypass spam filters
  • Grow and manage your contact database
  • Appeal to your recipients
  • Deliver a specific message
  • And achieve business your goals.

Think email marketing won't work for your business? Think again. Email marketing gets 50-100x more click-thru's than an average social media post and is an average of 20x cheaper than Google AdWords advertising. 

If you've considered email marketing to promote your business, but relegated it to the "too hard" basket because you're not sure where to start (or what to say) Xplore has the answer.

Numbers are limited (and we already have a number of pre-registrations), so avoid disappointment and register today.



Date: Thursday 11th August 2016, 5pm - 7pm
Venue: R101, Eastern Institute of Technology
501 Gloucester Street
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Other info:

Light refreshments will be served before the seminar.

We strongly recommend bringing along a pen and paper to take notes.


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Xplore's "Walking the Talk" web marketing series has been running for over 6 years, providing hundreds of business professionals with plain-English information and easy to apply hints and tips to ensure they get the most of out their online marketing efforts.

This series has covered everything from the basics of  Facebook and Twitter to deciphering web statistics and setting up an ecommerce website.



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