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Launch website

Reduce the distance between our members. 

NZ CA is a nationwide association of some of New Zealand's top independent charted accountants. Their mission is to help their members to improve their business by developing new business opportunities with them.

With members in virtually every NZ region, NZ CA needed a way to unite their members and encourage knowledge sharing - a website held the solution.


Let the "pencil pushers" unite...online.

In response to NZ CA's unique requirements, Xplore developed a tailor-built online knowledge sharing application that allows logged in members to post questions, observations and interesting information and enables other members to provide feedback/comments or simply following a conversation string.

All this valuable information is then archived, allowing members to access this data at any time.

The result is a centralised knowledge base that provides members with instant access to peers in different specialist areas, from around the country.


The Geek Stuff...

The NZ CA website uses the following Xplore Xtools CMS modules:

  • Xsite - content management system
  • Xpanels - rotating promotional image panels
  • Xmembers – members logins
  • Xposter – article management system/blog
  • Xclusive – custom online knowledge base, custom member's forum and a member firm search system (for the general public).


Our expectations have been exceeded... 

"Xplore made the process of redesigning our website really easy.

Not only is the design and functionality perfect for our needs, but the team were wonderful to work with, and everything ran smoothly and ahead of schedule!

Our expectations have been exceeded."

Alan Hay, CO, NZ CA