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Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate

Launch website

Get us online... in 4 days!

When Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate were preparing to launch their exciting new venture with Ballance and Summit Quinphos, they ensured all their offline marketing materials pushed their target market to the Hatuma DP website for more information and up-to-the minute pricing and news.

When the Hatuma DP team realised that they were 4 days out from the launch of their campaign and still hadn't engaged a web agency, it was Xplore they called. They needed a high quality web presence, and fast!

All hands on deck!

The advantage of having at team of 11 dedicated web marketing professionals at your beck and call is that when the "proverbial" hits the fan they "get in behind".

The Xplore team pulled together with Hatuma DP to find time within their already bloated production schedule to strategise, design, develop and launched the online support website for the Hatuma DP offline marketing initiatives - and, all in record time.

Note: Xplore does not advocate such short timeframes – careful planning and implementation requires time. The main reason the Hatuma DP project went so well was because the Xplore team had been working with Hatuma DP since 2001 and had a in-depth understanding of their business and requirements.

The Geek Stuff...

The Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate website uses the following Xplore Xtools CMS modules:

  • Xsite - content management system
  • Xpanels - rotating promotional image panels
  • Xposter – article management system/blog

The above website functionality provides Hatuma DP with the ability to autonomously update their website whenever they want to.

Delivery ahead of schedule...

Knowing that time was of the essence, the Xplore team managed to not only achieve the 4 day deadline (to plan, design, build, test, setup and launch the site); they delivered a whole day ahead of schedule.

This ensured that the Hatuma DP advertising campaign (online and offline) rolled out with confidence in the fact that the online support material was ready to be read.

A fantastic website the national network is proud of... 

"Xplore have been overseeing Hatuma's presence on the internet since 2001, managing two successful re-designs of the website in that time.

With Hatuma's reputation going from strength to strength, October 2010 marked an exciting era for the Company as it launched the Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate brand and product range nationally.

A complete overhaul of the website was required, with a looming deadline to beat.

From the first briefing meeting through to going live, Xplore made the process painless, efficient, and on time, with a fantastic looking website the national network is proud of."

Aaron Topp, Director Marketing & Sales